Play to Win Play Chips – Include it As One of Your Tournament Poker Strategies


The objective of isolation play is to make it so great that it gets other players to fold up against one opponent. An isolation play can be used to isolate a bluffer, or a player on a draw.

An isolation play is best when you have better heads up, like pocket pairs. When you raise the isolation play you need to make it a large enough bet to force other players to fold 예스카지노.

In the middle to late stages of a tournament, use isolation plays with small to middle pocket pairs.


You have pocket 8’s in middle position. It is late in the tournament. The blinds are $ 3,000- $ 6,000. You have $ 100,000. A player in early position with $ 20,000 all-in moves. A second player, with $ 120,000, calls this raise. What should you do?

You don’t want to call both players with your pocket pair medium. Since the second player is not re-raised, you can assume that the hand is not strong. The isolation play will get you heads up against the all-in player.

Move all-in.


You have pocket 3’s. It is the middle of the tournament. The blinds are $ 500- $ 1,000. You have $ 22,000, and are in the big blind. Everyone folds to the button. The player on the button only has $ 2,000, and all-in moves. The small blind, with $ 18,000, calls for half a bet. What should you do?

Again, calling is not a good play since you have to beat two players with a small pair. You want to isolate yourself against the all-in player.

Move all-in.

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